Vicky Leandros & Pianist - Live in Concert!

Sie hat Musikgeschichte geschrieben: Über 55 Millionen verkaufte Alben, ihr Sieg beim Grand Prix Eurovision mit "Après toi" und Veröffentlichungen in mehr als 55 Ländern sind nur einige Fakten ihrer einzigartigen internationalen Karriere.

Auf ihrer seit Jahrzehnten erfolgreichen musikalischen Weltreise nimmt Vicky Leandros ihr Publikum jetzt mit zu einem neuen Höhepunkt: Sie und ihre Fans feiern das 50. Bühnenjubiläum! Dabei zahlreiche Erfolgssongs wieder zu erleben - das wird sowohl für die Besucher der Konzerte als auch für die Sängerin selbst an jedem dieser Abende ein Geschenk sein und darüber hinaus nicht nur Erinnerungen an Sternstunden aus fünf Jahrzehnten mit Vicky Leandros wecken, sondern diese Konzerterlebnisse selbst sind ganz aktuelle großartige Sternstunden.

Erleben Sie Vicky Leandros - Live mit Pianist - in außerwählten Venues vom 14.01.2017 - 05.02.2017.

Tickets sind ab sofort unter der Ticket-Hotline 036336 512500, an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen und über www.eventim.de erhältlich.

New Video & Single - "Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß"!

Following on from Vicky Leandros´ successful return with her most personal album to date "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" comes now the second single cut featuring the title track. "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" is a famous saying of the Greek philosopher Socrates which the German-Greek singing legend Vicky Leandros together with her team has made into a self composed and written tribute to life.

The seasoned artist has managed to create throughout a perfectly produced album specially highlighted by this single. On the one hand Vicky Leandros considers life with tongue in cheek humour but on the other she does not hesitate to show emotion.

She has been on stage now for 50 years and next spring will take this album on a big Jubilee tour which fans are already looking forward to. This spectacular career is reflected throughout the album. Warm hearted and full of humour is how Vicky Leandros presents herself on the previously released album masterpiece. Until today the experienced singer has lost none of her charm and vitality and yet has added to her character in lustre and stature.

The official video of the song is from today widely available online ►

New Acoustic Video "Still"

She has been on the stage for 50 years - half a century in which she has risen to become a multi award winning and honoured world star. With over 50 Million albums sold and 500 worldwide album releases Vicky Leandros ranks among the most successful artists of all time and her popularlty in Germany is particularly strong. Most of the songs on her new album "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" are composed and texted by Vicky Leandros herself. The glittering finale to the album features a cover version of "Still" - the original version by the German band Jupiter Jones from 4 years ago being their biggest hit to date. Vicky Leandros makes the song in a ballad version as atmospheric as it is haunting.

From today you can watch the acoustic version of "Still" online:

Vicky Leandros awarded with the Order of Merit!

President of the Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Gauck has awarded three dedicated personalities from Schleswig-Holstein with the Cross of the Order of Merit (Verdienstkreuz am Bande). Minister President Torsten Albig presented the honours on 14th December in Kiel to among others - Vicky Leandros.

Torsten Albig: „Vicky Leandros has dedicated herself during the course of many years to the youngest members of our society and in particular to Children in Need. The international award winning artist has used her widespread popularlty to organise benefit concerts where considerable sums have been raised in support of numerous charitable foundations. Vicky Leandros is a representative of the Jose Carreras Foundation and has also concerned herself with accident victims and drug prevention initiatives. She is the official representative of the Greek Orthodox Church for the Children of Africa caring intensively for 15 godchildren and since 1992 she has continually worked on a voluntary basis for UNICEF. Vicky Leandros was for 2 years deputy mayor of Piraeus and the minister for culture and international relations. In 2013 the singer who can look back on a career of celebrated concert tour successes and a working cooperation with many famous composers and artists began an initiative in Munich raising the sum of Euro 370,000 which was given to support the young people of Greece.“

Pictured above: Vicky Leandros with Minister Torsten Albig (Picture: Frank Peter)

New Album "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" available now!

Finally the time has come: The new studio album from Vicky Leandros "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" is immediately available everywhere. We have long awaited the return of the Greek-German singer and we can now enjoy many self-composed songs and lyrics. It is indeed thus far the most personal album of her illustrious career.

"Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss"
comes as a standard version in jewel case and as a limited premium edition in digipak form with 5 bonus tracks newly recorded.

New Video "Das Leben und ich"

Also immediately there is the opportunity to see the live and acoustic video of the new single "Das Leben und ich" on all channels online. This great first single is composed and produced by Peter Plate (Rosenstolz, Sarah Connor) and his team. The video and the single give a real insight into the passion this experienced performer always brings to the stage.

New Album "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" - Available from 09.10.15 in Shops and as Download!

"Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" is the first studio album from Vicky Leandros in five years. Named after a famous Socrates quotation the album which first appears on 09th October is specially appealing to fans of the German / Greek worldstar already because of that fact and because it is the most personal album in the seemingly unending career of this recording artist. In no other album has Vicky Leandros composed so many of the songs and texts herself. However even the songs which she has not written herself show us the artist somehow closer and in a comfortable relaxed way. The best example of this is the first single "Das Leben und ich" composed and produced by Peter Plate (Rosenstolz, Sarah Connor) and his team which is available immediately on download.

The songs of the new album "Ich weiss, dass ich nichts weiss" concern themselves with friends and family, love and life, with growing older, longing for your homeland and feeling at home. Vicky Leandros sings it all in such a heart warming way full of humor and the album is produced with such atmosphere reflecting what lies close to Vicky´s heart. The vocal recordings were mostly created in the familiar surroundings of Vicky´s home kitchen making the twelve songs more intimate and spontaneous. Vicky Leandros about her new work - "It is the most personal studio album I have ever recorded."

"Ich weiss , dass ich nichts weiss" is a special album in a special year as in 2015 Vicky Leandros is celebrating a stage jubilee. 50 years ago she stood on stage for the first time as a teenager and today she has lost none of her charm and vitality and yet has added to her character in lustre and stature. She will again provide the proof of this during her Spring 2016 jubilee tour and also in her forthcoming TV appearances.

Alongside the standard version in jewel case the album also appears in a limited premium edition in digipak and including several of the new songs in impressively arranged acoustic versions.

New Vicky Leandros album in autumn!

The new studio album from Vicky Leandros will appear in the autumn. She says that it is her most personal one. She has composed music and text for most of the new songs herself.

On the subject - Manfred Rolef (Vice President AOR-Labelgroup GSA) „We are very happy to be able to welcome Vicky Leandros back to Ariola. We are awaiting a very strong album in the autumn and are looking forward to celebrating the wonderful Jubilee of an extraordinary artist.“

Next year Vicky Leandros will embark on a big Jubilee Tour. Dieter Semmelmann of Semmel Concerts Entertainment says „I am proud and happy that we can celebrate with Vicky Leandros her 50 years on stage with a big Jubilee Tour in the coming year.“

We welcome Vicky Leandros back to Ariola and to the house of Sony Music.

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